The Science of Digitization

About Estel Conversion Labs

The company. The people

Estel has been rated as a Production Excellence Center, and is qualified to carry out Quality Assurance on other Production Centers.

Every day Estel produces:

  • Thousands of pages of complex XML.XHTML tagged content from hard copy
  • Thousands of pages of complex XHTML tagged book content including academic and textbooks.
  • Images, interactive activities and much more.


The quality standards imposed and achieved by Estel match and better the best in the world. Estel has best of breed equipment and a massive investment in staff training.

We set new levels for pricing and quality to bring unprecedented value to our customers.

Production Excellence Center

Estel Conversion Labs is a certified Production Excellence Center. What does that mean for our customers?

  1. The PEC certification means we are constantly quality audited to ensure that every output conforms to the technical and quality standard required.
  2. Our processes and methods ensure that the specified output and quality is continually subject to a process assessment and improvement program.

We are qualified to provide content editor training services internally and to other organizations. In fact we have qualified co-operative qualified trainers providing training services for other conversion facilities.