The Science of Digitization

Digital Content Production Solutions

For Trade, Academic, Education, Institution and Enterprise Publishers

Create and deliver all publishing formats: Print, eBooks, Online, Databases, Archives

Estel Conversion Labs is a specialist content production facility, handling a wide range of commercial and business content conversion and processing requirements.

Our expertise is high value content production and processing.

  • Corporate Clients use us to create viable, dynamic and accessible records and document archiving and reference systems.
  • Institutional Clients use us to create deep, valid long-term archives of rare and precious documents.
  • Government Clients use us to create valid repositories of content that must be stored in support of national, state and local governance and accessibility and preservation strategies.
  • Publisher Clients use us to convert and repurpose their backlists into new revenue.
  • Publisher Clients use us to carry out their front list typesetting and digital eBook creation from manuscripts.

Estel offers cost effective services at the highest quality for content archiving, online, and dynamic content production through a strategy of best of breed technology and highly trained production people.