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General Equipment Resources

Estel uses trained and experienced people, proven processes, best of breed equipment and depth of experience, to deliver the highest and most consistent quality possible for all content production work.

Scanners are only a part of the picture. Estel operates with state of the art workstations, local and cloud servers and terabytes of fully mirrored production storage capacity.

Our network is all fibre with massive unlimited online storage to ensure we never run out of storage space for any clients project. Project files are fully mirrored within our system for full disaster recovery.

Scanning Facilities

Estel Labs is equipped with the highest quality scanning equipment to ensure that all work is executed to the highest standard:

Camera Scanner  Zeutschel 5100TT

Microfilm Scanners Sunrise & Minolta

Oversize Plan Scanner

35mm Nikon & Minolta Scanners

Flatbeds (A4) We have multiple flatbed and duplex A4 Scanners

Flatbeds (A3) We have multiple A3 scanners


Estel is competitive on pricing - because we have virtually eliminated fall-back and rework. The production effort goes into providing a better output in the first production pass. This means we consistently deliver higher quality at the same price or less than companies carrying out similar work.

With IGP:Digital Publisher and our own Production Workbench tools it is feasible to do 100% QC on high volume documentation jobs - so we do.

Estel Labs completely stands by the quality of its work and will always dispose of any discovered defects to the complete satisfaction of any client.

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Large and small publishers are using Estel Conversion Labs premium production services and our IGP:Digital Publisher Production Service Portals.

For more information on how to get started with our production services or if you have any questions, contact us at sales at  or give us a call at +91 231 265 4463 or  +91 20 4860 9399.