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Our Primary Production Specialities

Estel uses trained and experienced people, proven processes, best of breed equipment and depth of experience, to deliver the highest and most consistent quality possible for all content production work.

Over the years we have become recognized for:

  • High Quality Scanning and preparation for Print-on-Demand
  • High Volume records and document scanning and indexing from paper where quality assurance must be 100%
  • Large format scanning for Newspapers and other clients (up to A2) using Zeutschel Camera scanners
  • 16mm & 35mm Microfilm for Newspapers, periodicals and records, using Sunrise 2000 microfilm scanners
  • Historical image scanning and restoration for archiving (35mm neg & pos, print copies)
  • Digitization and Conversion of documents including data-extraction and information processing
  • Typesetting academic and technical material with simultaneous conversion to XML
  • Creation of SVG figures and illustrations for new dynamic media publishing

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Production Excellence

Estel Conversion Labs has surpassed all other facilities for direct audited quality standards.

What does that mean for our customers?

  1. When we agree on a service level, we will always deliver consistently to that services level. We have quality audit data available from our transparent QA systems to ensure that what we say is what is delivered.
  2. Our own internal quality assurance processes are independently audited and assessed on a constant ongoing basis.
  3. We consult to provide content editor training services and solutions to other content conversion and production services organizations.

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Estel has direct and scalable capacities to handle any size work. In addition to our core infrastructure, we have associated Production Partners, fully audited by Estel, to ensure that your job will be delivered on time, to the hiqhest quality standards.

Estel Conversion Labs is the Premier Production Partner for major publishers and clients, and uses the IGP Production Workbench to ensure the highest quality and productivity for any job undertaken.

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